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GLOG Class: Xeromancer Wizard

"Inhuman solitude made of sand and G_d."

GLOG Class: Xeromancer

Art by Ikarus, as it says, but I can't find any reference or links to them.

The desert draws magicians like moths to a flame, and xeromancers are no exception. These are magicians who strive for mastery over the physical elements of the desert: heat, sand, water, wind. They are strange, reclusive magicians, ones more at home on the endless dunes than in cities or academies. That said, xeromancers are highly sought-after as ship's canters, and can always find work out on the Seas.

Perk: messages-in-a-bottle that you send will always reach their recipient, but it will take 1d100 days. Messages-in-a-bottle sent to you will always reach you, though they too take 1d100 days.

Drawback: you cannot bathe in water, cross running water, or set foot in the ocean. If you do, your flesh will wash off like so much sand.

Starting skill [d3]: 1 = outcast prophet; 2 = child stolen by a psammead; 3 = genuine desert sorcerer

Starting gear: a scarf to hide your face and eyes, two skins, two random xeromancer items, and a long twisty ragged cloak bleached to the color of sand.


Roll 1d10 twice at level 1, then once every additional level; if you get repeats, roll again. At level 4 (D Templates), you get to pick spell #11 or #12. You can find more spells via scrolls, tablets, etc.
  1. Siphon
    R: touch; T: [sum] × 5' radius of sand; D: [dice] hours
    You can instantly shift the temperature of a circle of sand by up to [sum] × 10 degrees, up or down. This will have different effects based on the sand you're on.
  2. Hollow-Heft
    R: shouting distance; T: [dice] creatures; D: [sum] minutes
    The target's weight increases by either 10x or is reduced to 1/10th. Hostile creatures can make a save against this effect.
  3. Zephyr
    R: [sum] ×10'; T: a line, starting from you; D: [dice] × 10 minutes
    When you open your mouth, a blast of high-speed wind comes out in a line [dice] × 2' wide. Any creature caught in the blast of wind can make a save to not be hurled backwards.
  4. Forecast
    R: sight; T: the sky; D: [dice] days
    You know what the weather will be up to 24 hours from now. You can shift the daily d100 weather table roll up to [sum] amount during the duration.
  5. Well
    R: touch; T: a container, like a barrel or skin; D: instantaneous
    All water within a [sum] × 100' radius is instantly drawn into the container you touch (potentially overflowing). 
  6. Geyser
    R: shouting distance; T: a spot in the sea; D: [dice] rounds
    A geyser of sand bursts from the surface, [sum]' wide and [sum] × 10' high, launching anything beneath it upwards.
  7. Sculpt
    R: touch; T: a bunch of sand; D: [sum] minutes
    You sculpt a bunch of sand into a structure no larger than a [dice] × 10' cube. For the duration, the sand is magically held together; after the duration expires, gravity takes effect, and the sculpture will endure only as well as it naturally would.
  8. Endure
    R: touch; T: [dice] people; D: [sum] hours
    The targets do not need to drink, eat, or sleep (and are unaffected by having already not done so); they are immune to heatstroke and exhaustion; their speed is not halved when travelling by sandshoe.
  9. Dive
    R: touch; T: self + [dice-1] people; D: [sum] × 10 minutes
    You gain psammitic gills (so you can breathe sand); you can swim in any sand at standard speed; you gain sandsense out to [dice] × 100'; you are immune to the extreme heat of the depths of the sandy seas.
  10. Glide
    R: self; T: self; D: [sum] minutes
    You can glide along the surface of the sand at [dice] times normal speed. Anyone within [dice] × 10' on either side of you must save or be blinded for 1d6 rounds as you spray sand at them.
  11. Storm
    R: [sum] miles; T: self; D: [sum] hours
    You conjure a huge sandstorm: you yourself are immune to its effects (but not your ship or crew). The sandstorm stays centered on you, and allows you to fly at double speed. Sandstorms will vary based on the kind of sand they are composed of, but are always exceedingly dangerous.
  12. Transmute
    R: self; T: sand, earth, or water; D: permanent
    Within a [sum]-mile radius, you transmute the terrain around you into: any of the seven sands, solid earth, or pure fresh water. 

Xeromancer Mishaps:
1: you spend 1d6 rounds vomiting sand, a couple cubic feet of it per round—it's not the kind of sand you're currently on, though, roll 1d6 to see what it is.
2: for (secretly rolled) 1d6 days, you count as weighing 5x for the purposes of determining whether you sink in sand.
3: you and anyone (but not anything) inside a 10' radius burst into flame; you suffer 1d6 damage per round until you extinguish yourself.
4: you attract the attention of the desert: roll on the phenomena encounter chart.
5: for 24 hours, you cannot see, hear, or speak unless you are actively touching sand.
6: for 24 hours, any water you touch turns to sand; you must pass a save vs. curse to drink a skin.

Xeromancer Dooms:
1: The Seas swallow you for a time. You sink into the sand and are buffeted around its swirling depths for 24 hours, at which point you are spat back up 1d6-1 miles away, in a random direction.
2: The Seas demand you take no sustenance other than from them. All water within 1 mile instantly evaporates.
3: The Seas claim you as their own. A sandstorm immediately rises, centered on you, and you transformed into a being of pure sand. If the wind blows at you at any time from this day forth, you will simply crumble away.

Xeromancer Items:
  1. Vial of holy water. Doubly impactful in the desert.
  2. Red silk sash. Worn by merchant-princes and high priests; quite valuable.
  3. String of shark teeth. Each has a little rune carved into it. Quite deadly if used as a garotte.
  4. A live cobra. Kept inside a clay pot; not particularly friendly. HD1, 1d8 venom damage. 2 slots.
  5. Dual scimitars. Light & elegant, matched to fit into a single sheath. 1d6 damage, 1 slot each.
  6. A gnarled wooden staff. Quite rare for the Seas, given the wood scarcity. 1d8 damage, 2 slots.
  7. Philosophical texts. Ascetism, theogony, divine geometry. Probably worth something to the right person.
  8. Flask of tequila. It's good tequila, too, the kind that's hard to find these days.
  9. Pair of sandproof goggles. Made of crystal, leather, and glass. Fits easily into your scarf.
  10. Wavy-bladed sword. Finely-crafted of steel and brass. 1d8 damage, 2 slots.
  11. A vulture. Not a pet, exactly, but it sort of follows you around and keeps an eye out for interesting sights.
  12. Coracle. A round little one-person rowboat, nimble but not very fast. 6 slots if you want to portage it.
  13. Vial of centipede venom. Target has to save vs. anaphylactic shock or be paralyzed. 3 doses.
  14. Pair of sandshoes. These ones are made of camel leather and papyrus, the old way. 2 slots.
  15. Handheld mirror. Burnished, silvery steel; highly reflective. 1 slot.
  16. Brass whistle. The cylindrical mountaineer kind.
  17. Bone flute. Beautifully carved; you know how to play some basic tunes. 1 slot.
  18. 50' of hempen rope. Sailor's choice. 1 slot.
  19. Pack of tarot cards. Both the major and the minor arcana. 
  20. A strange and unusual artifact [1d6]:
    1. A strange sandstone brick. It hums and shimmers sometimes, and will move of its own accord in your backpack. 1 slot.
    2. A maze of twisty indigo tattoos across your back and shoulders. A map? A diagram? A text?
    3. A fossil in a lump of kiln sand. Some kind of scuttling thing, all shell and legs and razor wings. 
    4. A shimmering, incandescent scarab beetle. Inside a little glass jar. Always tries to walk in one direction.
    5. A bronze tablet, covered in strange runes. You can't read it. Seemingly no one else can, either.
    6. An ordinary human skull, but made of hardened sand. There are legends of skeletons turned to sand; this may be proof.

Yeah. Sandy wizard. At some point I might get around to the "day-night-dreams-mirages desert wizard," but that's a big TBD.

Let me know what you think, or if you get a chance to use it.

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